Meet Our Travel planners

Ashley Berndsen

Grand Getaways Concierge
Travel Planner

Hi! My name is Ashley Berndsen, and I LOVE to travel!   I was officially bitten by the travel bug at a young age. At 16, I moved to Australia as a foreign exchange student and graduated high school abroad. Since then, I have traveled to the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Central America, Mexico, Tahiti, Norway, across the United States and of course…back to Australia!

Suzanne Prevost

Grand Getaways Travel Planner

Hi!   I am Suzanne a mom of two a boy and a girl who are vastly different except when it comes to our vacations.  We all love a good road trip.  Especially, if the road ends in Orlando.    I am a firm believer in travel being the best gift and that it promotes a learning of culture, new experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

Megan Keebaugh

Grand Getaways Travel Planner

More info coming soon!

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